March 2013- SCARY MUSICAL 29 hr. Reading at The York Theatre in New York City.


Feb 2012- SCARY MUSICAL Reading at Theatre Row Studios in New York City. 


December 2011- SCARY MUSICAL Reading at New Musicals Inc aka Academy of New Musical Theatre. in Los Angeles.


April 2011- SCARY MUSICAL was presented in a collaboration with Stephen Schwartz and the ASCAP Foundation as part of the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera/Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama New Works Program.


Jan 2011- SCARY MUSICAL Reading at The University of Northern Colorado.


May 2010- SCARY MUSICAL was also featured in the ASCAP Foundation/Disney Musical Theatre Workshop in Los Angeles.  




DREW CAMPBELL: Smart, sexy, sarcastic and full of attitude. A real spitfire. All she wants is to play the lead in the school musical. Every single school musical.


JAMIE LEE LEIGH: Neurotic, insecure and a little bulimic, she is recovering from a nervous breakdown following her father’s murder, after having sex with two sailors. Just back from a Clinic in Africa, she has two goals for the semester: to stay a virgin and to lose 5 pounds!


JASON CRAVIN: Sexy and slightly dangerous. Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier but definitely the best biceps. Capt of the Hockey Team, he is desperate to get laid…with anyone.


NORMAN HATES: Shy, quiet and crazy. Norman is actually a sweet kid. He is kept on a very tight leash however by his domineering dead mother.


FREDDY LOUSSIER: Wise guy sociopath, his is quite a loose cannon. He is deeply in love with Carrie – who hates his guts. When you get to know him he’s actually quite disturbed.


CARRIE BEIGE: 17, Daughter of religious fanatic. A social outcast, she is obsessed with Jamie. Hostile and loyal to the core, Carrie has a lot of issues to work out.


LEEZA COURTNEY FOX: Host of Tabloid Show “Horrible Story,” Leeza is bright, sexy and funny. She is a cross between Nancy Grace, Mary Hart and Charles Busch. She is desperate for a scoop!


MR. MACGUFFIN: Drama Teacher/Wrestling Coach. Think Tim Gunn of Project Runway on steroids.


TEENA LOUISE: Leeza’s very put-upon cam girl. A mousy girl, she is both belligerent to Leeza and terrified of her. Strong.

Show History 




Someone is killing off the Drama Club of Vera Miles High School, everyone is a suspect and you decide who the killer is! Combining a slasher movie plot with a rock 'n roll score, pop-culture humor and an homage to classic horror film clichés, SCARY MUSICAL, THE MUSICAL has all the elements of your favorite "Scary Movies" with an added twist – the teenagers sing and dance – before, during and sometimes after getting killed! The setting is the quiet coastal village of Hidden Secrets, USA. On the night before the opening of the Vera Miles High School Drama Dept's production of Scary Musical - The Musical a brutal double murder takes place. We soon learn that a Crazy Mental patient has escaped from the Hidden Secrets Psychiatric Hospital and all "musical" HELL is about to break loose.

What IS Scary Musical?



Kevin Bailey 


NoHo Arts Center

11136 Magnolia Blvd,

North Hollywood, CA 91601


(818) 508-7101